we usually harvest peaches from mid August
through mid September.  Below is a list of what we grow and I update the list as the season progresses.

We have planted  varieties that get ripe one after another for the most part, some will overlap.


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These are peach varieties that we grow and as I have info on each variety I will update the notes.
Earlier varieties tend to cling to the stone more and are not as solid.  As the season progresses they seem to get better and better for canning.  All ripe peaches are great tasting.

 Donut finished for the season
Red Haven done
 red haven are sweet/tart great for fresh eating, drying and freezing.  They will be semi cling so I would not can them and go through all the frustration. 
Rosa  finished for the season.

The first of the peaches that I would can. They are freestone and solid.  They are not a large peach.

Delp Hale   done

Sweet and some years quite large. Freestone and good for canning and fresh eating. (our crop  is heavy this year so overall size may be smaller in all varieties)
Slappy done
  this is an antique variety and was at one time a very popular canner.  I have canned them, they are very good but if you look at this peach cross eyed it will bruise.  We have just a few of these so if you want them send me an email. If you order these understand they will have bruises.

Suncrest   done this is a solid, sweet, freestone peach execellent for everything. One of my favorite peaches.
Redglobe done
another solid sweet freestone peach
White Peaches
white flesh, sweet and popular for fresh eating.  You can can it, I have canned them but I prefer other varieties for that.  These are a fragile peach give them some extra tenderness.
J H Hale done just a very few, solid, freestone, good flavor, popular canner.
Elegant Lady done very small crop for the 2018 season but just a few boxes this year
solid, sweet, pretty, freestone  This peach is new to us I think it would can well, I haven't canned them. Tasty and beautiful.
Angeles  done but very few out there, solid, sweet, freestone, new to us

Elberta  , finished solid, sweet, freestone and the classic canning peach
Redskin done  I don't know much about it we only have a few trees
 Gold Medal  done,   This peach will always have a spot or spots on it but it is basically an elberta and usually a little larger in size.  Tastes like elberta it is a great canner.
Ohenry  finished,  very small crop for the 2018 season sweet, solid, usually large, freestone and the last peach of the season.




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Farm is open for scheduled tours, and u-pick when available.  (usually Friday, Saturday & Sunday from July to November 1)  We may close u-pick if there is nothing to pick!!  If u-pick is closed please go to Thompsons Farm Market on Hwy 12 in Naches.